I’ve been having problems of choosing how to call or tag myself before others, I mean, in terms of profession. I prefer to call myself a “Media Consultant or Media Specialist”.

Before, they called me just journalist or photographer or reporter but after 24 years of working in Media, I had proved that I can perform in many different fields, all of them at a very high level. So how can I call myself?

Well, I started on this media world on 1984, at my country, Guatemala. My very first job on media was as a Disc Jockey in Stereo 108 FM, programming music in English, mostly 70’s. Then I moved to print media, to Prensa Libre, the biggest daily newspaper in Guatemala and in less than two years of having started in this profession, I was one of the youngest TV news reporter at Aqui el Mundo.

At that time, thanks to my voice and studies, I was called in by TGW (Guatemala’s National Radio) to be an instructor for new announcers and radio hosts.

From there, everything was skyrocketing. I became a well know reporter and also a good photographer besides of being a pretty good basketball player and a good athlete overall.

On 1987, I came to the United States to study Mass Media at UCLA. It took me about two years to get into US media, first in Spanish language newspapers like Noticias del Mundo, La Opinion and others. Then came Paramount Pictures, Univision and Los Angeles Times.

I can proudly say that I’d worked for the most important print media in California -in English and Spanish- as well as the most important Spanish language TV network.

Between 1993 and 1996, I also was a correspondent for newspapers from El Salvador and Costa Rica.

Between 1990 and 1997, I was doing freelance jobs for important media outlets such as Univision, France Press, EFE, AP, Playboy in Spanish, ABC Radio, Hispanic Broadcasting Company, Prensa Internacional, Getty Images, just to mention a few.

Around 1994, considering the number of requests that I had for freelance assignments, I decided to start a news agency called Central America News Service -CANS-, which was very successful for many years until I decided to go back to Guatemala in 1997.

Between 1996 and 2006 I was traveling back and forth from the US to Guatemala and some other countries to participate in many courses and trainings in order to specialize in Political Marketing, which is one of my passions. This specialization helped me to work very closely with two Guatemalan presidents: Alvaro Arzu (1996-98) and Oscar Berger (2002-2006).

I re-established myself in the US (Los Angeles) in 2006 and since then, I had worked for wire agencies, websites and mostly, freelancing in Photography, Translations, TV, Electronic and Streaming Media.

Now, even though I continue to work in Media, I finally decided to work and exploit one of the most important skill that God had gave me: INVENTING. That´s another story that I will explain later.

In 2008, I established a website to show part of my photographic work and it has become one of the most successful sites in flickr.com with more than 10,000 visits in less than a year. (Link to site)

Thanks to this site, dozens of websites around the world had used my photos to illustrate their stories, including Tourism Commissions from Hollywood, Seattle and Vancouver, Canada. This is something that is easy to prove by just going to Google search, typing my name: Rafael Amado Deras and then you´ll see many of those sites.

Getting back to the inventions, this 2010 I’m setting up my own inventions company called INVEX (Inventions and Investing) that you can check the website at:  http://invexnow.com/

My Great Passions are: Basketball, Music, Outdoors, Photography, Helicopters and help people. I flew so many times as a co-pilot in helicopters (Bell/Eurocopter/Robinson) until I finally decided to go for my license but due to certain circumstances in my life, I was short of it, even thought I was already flying.

In 2008, I started my own Foundation -The Amado Foundation- having as a main goal the development of self-sustainability projects for rural communities in Guatemala. Most recently, alone with my friend, Cristina Falla, formed a group called ayudaguate (Help Guate) determine are to help abandoned elders in some foster houses en Guatemala.

My Great Idols are Albert Einstein, Ernesto “Che” Guevara and Jesus Christ.

(The Spanish version of ABOUT ME is a lot longer because it mention some people and places not recognizable in the US but if you can read Spanish, you can check the link ACERCA DE MI).

Years ago, covering an NFL game.

Years ago, covering an NFL game.



3 Responses to ABOUT ME…

  1. Its a life style very interesting. So you live in Guatemala, exactly you are from origin of Guatemala then you moved to USA and now you stay there. You have now your self foundation for helping people from your original country (Guatemala). I think is very interesting your training experience with reporter, voice radio or locutor and more. Ok, congratulations. I am a guatemalans men that I am living at high land western of the country and I¨ve very interest of establiced a relationship with you because my work have any relation with your activities, so any aideas is very convergences with your laboral activities. My facebook/Iniciativas Globales para Mesoamerica and my litle webpage http://www.xanga.com/iniciativasporguatemala Please check it and then we interexchange any aideas if you have any wake up expectatives. Nice to to talk with you.

    • rafamado says:

      Gracias Jorge Mario, no te preocupes si quieres escribir en español. Yo soy de Guatemala pero pongo mi pagina bilingue porque tambien tengo amigos que solo hablan ingles o personas que pudieran estar interesadas en mi trayectoria. Voy a revisar tu pagina y luego te doy mis comentarios. Gracias por escribir. Dios te bendiga!

  2. Ruth says:

    After watching your videos on YouTube, I just want to commend you for all your accomplishments and your endeavor. Congrats!!

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