I didn’t want to saturate the About me page so I decided to list some of the events that I had covered through my professional career. Now, for any US journalist, this list will mean nothing but for a guy coming from a small town from a small country like Guatemala…this is amazing!

(Este es un pequeño resúmen de algunos eventos que he cubierto a lo largo de mi carrera profesional)


 FIFA World Cup, USA’94 (including final Brasil vs. Italy/Rose Bowl)
Concacaf Gold Cups
Central America and Caribbean Games

MLS (6 seasons, including inaugural season/Galaxy/Chivas USA)

NFL (7 seasons)
MLB (8 seasons)
MLB All Star Game, Pittsburgh’06

MLB Playoffs (National League/3 Series)

NBA (8 seasons)
NBA All Star Games (Phoenix’95 and San Antonio’96)

International Soccer Games (Rose Bowl, L.A. Coliseum, etc. Barcelona, Bayer Munich, Botafogo, etc. )

Tennis Masters Series ATP (many tournaments)
Miss Universe’06 (Los Angeles)

Indy Car Series Racing
The Oscars’06 (Kodak Theater)

Official Translator for Real Madrid USA TOUR´2011


Thanks to my extensive career in media, specially in the US, I´ve had the opportunity to interview many celebrities through the years but just to mention some notables; Michael Jordan, Earvin Magic Johnson, Joe Montana, Steven Spielberg, Selena, Pelé, Andy Garcia, Cuba Gooding Jr., Brad Pitt and many others.

On the Latin side, celebrities like Ricardo Arjona, Maná, Jaguares, Café Tacuba, Paulina Rubio, Gloria Trevi, Celia Cruz (QEPD), Edward James Olmos, Marc Anthony, Laura Pausini, Franco de Vita, just to mention some.





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